iRacing Today Radio Show #143 – May 21st, 2016

The show is a little bit late as Trevor balances podcasting and life inefficiently…and then goes old school by doing the show by himself with Chad otherwise occupied.

When the show gets going Trevor spends time learning what VLN stands for and mispronouncing it, talks about the iRacing Indy 500, shares some news on iRacers succeeding in real life racing, gives some news on Chad’s new golf course and the show tournament, and gives some updates on race broadcasting.

Trevor also takes some time to give a life update and share how this show and you the listener have played a part…and then totally derails the ending because he forgot to talk about how learning to not start in first gear in the Indycar allowed him to laugh at others.

See what VLN stands for here

Learn more about Ty Majeski here

And see Trevor laugh at bears over here

One Response to “iRacing Today Radio Show #143 – May 21st, 2016”

  1. Robert Hope says:

    Wow. That was an inspiring story Trevor, I would never have picked you as someone who would have communication problems. I can empathize with the struggle, I’ve been iRacing for nearly two years now and the recent fun races (race 2) was the first time I was able to actually speak into the mic. Race one I couldn’t though, and when Chad said Hi to me I didn’t respond (Sorry Chad). Sadly it turns out that for all the courage I built up for race 2 my mic wasn’t working anyway. Now I’m in a job where I often have to call complete strangers at all hours of the night and ask them to go and fix vehicles stuck on the side of the road.
    So a big congratulations from me on getting yourself from where you were in that respect to where you are now. I hope your new job is everything you want it to be.

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