iRacing Today Radio Show #122 – November 28th, 2015

We’re a bit late, but there’s lots to talk about. Some news items cross our desk, Trevor punches a light switch, Chad discovers a cool gadget and tells a story, and we go over our week on track including our fun races 🙂

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One Response to “iRacing Today Radio Show #122 – November 28th, 2015”

  1. James Falcon Pratt says:

    Fav Tracks
    Charlotte, Bristol, Dover, Richmond, taladega, Watkins Glen

    Least Fav Tracks
    Martinsville, Sonoma

    Thing to do before I leave IRacing
    Make it to the Pro Level on the Oval side and run a Pro Season

    Things that I think IRacing MUST do to make this the Sim I expect it to be
    NASCAR Class A open as a Single race a week that follows the real NASCAR season
    In this season no starting from the pits, if you fail to roll off the grid your car then takes a tow to clear the track
    The Green White Checker with only one attempt
    Solid Cars even on Pit Road
    Your Spotter must talk more and give you more information like this in voice
    2 laps to green
    1 lap to green
    Yellow has come out and where on the track it was triggered
    Tell you if your in the Lucky Dawg position
    Tell you if the car ahead is in the Lucky Dawg position, find away around him
    Tell you when any car enters the pits and from what position
    Tell you when a car has exited the pits
    Remove the Black Box for Fuel readout and have the Spotter tell you when you have approx 10, 5, 2 and 1 laps remaining then start yelling at you if you pass the entry to pit road with less that 1 lap of fuel
    Spotter to report position after every 5 or 10 laps that can be set by you
    Spotter to report the gap at the Start/Finish between you and the car ahead and behind each laps starting from 10 to go until the White Flag

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