iRacing Today Radio Show #115 – October 3rd, 2015

This week we discuss some news, new champions, and a huge issue with iRacing’s new build.

For our own experiences we talk about Chad’s time in the Power Series, and Trevor’s continued journey to become the IndyCar Winter Series Division 8 Champion and his return to the broadcast booth with Global Sim Racing Channel.

The links you need for the World Cup of iRacing are here, here, and here

If you want to read about the bug that caused so much turmoil here and here

Autocross post from David Tucker is here

And of course make sure to check out Global Sim Racing Channel to see what Trevor is up to…

2 Responses to “iRacing Today Radio Show #115 – October 3rd, 2015”

  1. Chad Dalton says:

    Certainly!!! I added it to the original post, but, will place it below here as well for you. Sorry about that! Glad you found us and are enjoying the show, we appreciate the feedback.

  2. Tim Collier says:

    Can you post a link to the Autocross poll question you mentioned in the show? Just found this show through the posts on Reddit, enjoying listening to you guys picking up on those things I haven’t seen, thanks for the time and commitment!!

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