iRacing Today Radio Show #104 – July 8th, 2015

We told you we’d be back! We told you!

And as promised, after our 2 week summer break we’re back in the studio…well at least one of us is…

We go over some news, discuss Chad’s rival that isn’t a rival, put a final plug in for Trevor’s 24 hour Extra Life gaming stream to raise money for the Alberta Children’s Hospital, go over poll results, gush over a certain development diary, and so much more. It feels good to get behind the “wheel” again.

Go here for information on the LCIF 150 Charity event, and please note it is the XFinity cars and not the Super Late Model as we mentioned on the show.

Check out the work in progress video about dynamic tracks here

And please check out my Extra Life page here to donate if you are able and stop by my twitch channel during the 24 hours starting at 11 am Eastern Saturday 11 July to join in the fun!

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