iRacing Today Radio Show #53 – May 15th, 2014

It’s a special week here at the iRacing Today Radio Show as we welcome iRacing NASCAR Champion Ray Alfalla into the studio for a chat. But while we’re not having a great conversation with Ray we’re talking about some news, committing to racing the Indy 500, speculating on what version of the Indycar we’ll be behind the wheel of, talk about a fun and interesting week for Chad, discuss why we pick the leagues we do, and discuss a possible safe haven for iRacing Rookies.

I hope everyone enjoys the show!

Also please note that there was a glitch with the recording setup so there was no live YouTube recording this week. I will have the audio of the show up on my channel as soon as I can for those that want to listen to the show that way.

You can find the Back of the Pack iRacing League’s website here and their Facebook page here

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