iRacing Today Radio Show #38 – January 20th, 2014

It may be show 38…but it’s week 13 in our hearts and we talk about what to expect during it including what you can race and the schedule for next season. Our track of the week is Concord and somehow discussion of it leads to Trevor figuring out how often he has won there and oozing on about how much he loves it. Chad decides to turn right for a change…or more correctly droit, and it is time to give your side mirrors an adjustment in our rookie tip of the week.

The official iRacing Today Radio Show’s Official iRacing thread is right here so help spread the word if you can.

You can read about the 2.4 hours at Daytona here

The update on when to expect this season’s build is right over here

If you want to see what is running where next season click right about here

And information on adjusting those mirrors can be found in the iRacing forums here

Hope everyone has a great week, and remember to vote if you haven’t already. See you next Monday for a discussion about those juicy release notes that will drop sometime between now and then…

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