iRacing Today Radio Show #36 – January 6th, 2014

We’re back from our Christmas break! Did you miss us? It appears that we may have dipped into the eggnog a little hard while we were off 😉

This week we talk about some news that broke during the break (with some cool content related information), point you to some work around the shop here (the website), talk about some racing ups and downs for the two of us on the track, discuss Texas Motor Speedway in our track of the week segment, and point the users to some videos that might help out rookies and veterans alike.

The Logo discussion can be found here

You can read about the car/track/license discussion we mentioned here

If you’re looking for the driving school videos then give a click here

And of course if you want to see stupid RUF tricks have a gander here

Remember we’ve moved the polls to monthly so you have more time to let your voice be heard!

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