iRacing Today Radio Show #31 – November 18th, 2013

This week we do things a bit different with Chad and Trevor “interviewing” each other to give the fans some background into our sim racing background along with some other interesting tidbits including the first time we met on iRacing.

Of course we have all of the regular great features you’ve come to enjoy as well including news, the track segment, the poll question round-up, and the rookie tip of the week.

The FFB/Atlas forum post can be found here

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Until next week, enjoy and stay warm…

4 Responses to “iRacing Today Radio Show #31 – November 18th, 2013”

  1. Trevor Cameron says:

    Yes good sir, our intention was to call out the good work you had done there and hopefully make more people notice 🙂

  2. Chad Dalton says:

    thanks for the hard work on the thread Clayton… 🙂

  3. Clayton Macleod says:

    It’s called Canada Corner because if you crash there you’ll slide all the way to Canada.

  4. Clayton Macleod says:

    The thread is very long, yes. However, any relevant information is always updated/added in the first post. There is some great conversation there, but if you are only after the info then you only need to read the first post. 🙂

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